Wearable Tech: The New Attainable, Unstainable White Shirt

Up until recently, there was no fabric on the market that was affordable, comfortable and hydrophic (not rabid, but  with powers to repel stains). The few available garments that contain this special material are not easy to wear  because they are so scratchy. Budget women's fashion  brand, Elizabeth & Clarke, has created the innovative Unstainable White Shirt, which can tolerate any liquid or oily substance and make it disappear with just the simple wipe of a cleaning cloth.


The Lemon Unstainable Shirt: Source: Elizabeth & ClarkeThe Lemon Unstainable Shirt: Source: Elizabeth & Clarke


Elizabeth & Clarke and The Kickstarter Campaign

Focused on developing the perfect white shirt for more than three years, Elizabeth & Clarke has launched a Kickstarter campaign  to achieve this purpose, and within four days the funding reached their projected goal of $30.000. When they reached almost $219,000, the goal was extended even further to $250,000. These extra funds will make it possible for the company to branch out and produce the Unstainable White Shirt in both petite and plus sizes.

Who are Elizabeth & Clarke?

Elizabeth & Clarke is known as the "anti-fashion  fashion company."Its founders earned this odd moniker  by their reputation for being non-conformists when it comes to standard operating procedures within the fashion industry.For example, the company does not use professional models and each white shirt collection is  available  in only three choices. Sales are made over the Internet, cutting shipping costs and high prices. The company sells by subscription only, which means there are no overhead costs or inventory, These savings are passed down to the consumer.

In the words of Melanie Moore, founder of Elizabeth & Clarke:

"The motivation here is the ability to use this finish on delicate fabrics like silk and cotton while still maintaining an incredibly soft hand feel...After testing various hydrophobic products already on the market, the company decided to build its own proprietary technology in house. It took about six months of testing and trial and error basically to find the best combination of fabric, hand-feel and repellency."

How does this special shirt work?

The Unstainable White Shirt  is a prime example of the benefits of nanotechnology at a molecular level. This well-made, carefully-stitched white shirt can hold its own at any formal interview or worse, luncheon and all of its perils. It owes its special powers to its proprietary finish, which is applied to the fabric via a bathing and curing process. These microscopic fibers, which are 100,000 times smaller than a single grain of sand, actually sit on top of otherwse conventional cotton textiles. This makes the garment completely stain-resistant and water repellant for years, according to the company's promise.


Unstainable White Shirt Poster: Source: KickstarterUnstainable White Shirt Poster: Source: Kickstarter


Female target audience

The projected market for this affordable shirt is expected to be female shoppers. This shirt is slated to have four diverse options: the Liz Lemon T-shirt; the Arden Sleeveless T , The Taylor and the Parker, which is a placket-front blouse (has an opening that fastens). Currently, this amazing shirt is part of a Kickstarter campaign that is expected to exceed  its fund-raising goal five times over.


The Taylor White Shirt: Source: Elizabeth & ClarkeThe Taylor White Shirt: Source: Elizabeth & Clarke


The future of the Unstainable White Shirt

Nantechnology is a burgeoning field that is constantly evolving. For that iconic white shirt that has always been a dirt magnet to transform into a crisp, washable and highly affordable stain-resistant garment is a transition worthy of note. Technology has once again inserted itself into the world of fashion, turning it on its heel, so to speak, and making clothing cleaner and more practical.

Wonder what's next?

 I think if you've got a T-shirt with  bloodstains all over it, maybe ... you should get rid of the body before you do the wash. ~ Jerry Seinfeld

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