Wearable Tech: Stilettos Guaranteed for One Thousand Years

Anyone can look for fashion in a boutique or history in a museum. The creative explorer looks for history in the hardware store and fashion at the airport. ~ Robert Wieder

How could there ever be a shoe that lasts for a thousand years? That's ten centuries, folks. A guarantee such as this is unheard of, and yet it is true. Borgezie stands behind its legendary craftsmanship and its latest wearable tech innovation; high heels constructed from stainless steel and sterling silver. These stilettos are masterpieces created with all the love and caring expertise invested in the making of the world's most exquisite works of art.

Innovation from the House of Borgezie

Making women look elegant and beautiful has always been the focus of the designers at the house of Borgezie. Their superior craftsmen have surpassed even their own expectations with their innovative utilization of stainless steel and durable sterling silver in their new, edgy, wearable tech line of stunning stiletto heels that are purchased with a guarantee for one thousand years! These high heels won't crack or break, and unlike other stilettos, are extremely comfortable due to the inclusion of silicone liners on both the toe strap and rear heel.

Who designed these cool high heels?

Chris Shellis is a 48 year-old Jewelry Quarter designer from Birmingham, England. Located in the heart of the city, this jewelry industry hub has been in operation for more than two hundred years and it is home to more than 500 jewelry businesses which collectively represent 40% of all the jewelry produced in Great Brittain.

Sharing the same components as your standard knife and fork, Shellis claims that his stilettos, which took two years of hard work to develop, are the most comfortable high heels in the world.

The Borgezie Riviera Stiletto


Borhezie Riviera: Source: techcinema.comBorhezie Riviera: Source: techcinema.com

Sleek, elegant and comfortable, the Riviera Stiletto is an iconic design with the distinction of having the world's thinnest wafer profile. Materials are highly polished stainless steel and sterling silver and the design is identical to the classic Borgezie Platinum Cleopatra Stiletto.


Cleopatra Stilettos: Source: Borgezie.comCleopatra Stilettos: Source: Borgezie.com


 The comfort level of these extraordinary high heels  is actually built into its design, as the steel slopes away and has no contact with either the toes or the heel. This is a true design innovation. Uniique to these particular heels are the permanent bonded silicone liners that are on the toe strap and surrounding the back of the heel.

The world's most comfortable stiletto heel


 The Borgezie Stiletto: Source: techcinmea.comThe Borgezie Stiletto: Source: techcinmea.com


According to Shellis, the Riviera is the world's most comfortable stiletto heel courtesy of the silicone liners and specially designed edges made to flex away from the foot. "I've had models wearing them for 10 hours a day up and down the catwalk, and there are no real pressure points."

The high heels also contain the world's first  patented, self-removable heel and sole, which can be easily be replaced upon indications of wear. The owner is also suppiled with a limitless supply of both. This is one of the reasons why these shoes can last forever as their creator claims.

The stiletto's heart sole


Stiletto Heart Sole: Source: Borgezie.comStiletto Heart Sole: Source: Borgezie.com


This sole is the most ingenious aspect of these stilettos and the main reason why they are sold with a thousand-year guarantee. The sole is held in place by friction and surrounded by a border of solid sterling silver. It is easily removed and replaed by squeezing its sides.



Cleopatra Stilettos-side view: Source: magnusmendax.blogspot.comCleopatra Stilettos-side view: Source: magnusmendax.blogspot.com


Although outstanding, unique and exquisite, it is unlikely that the average person  will fall head over heels about the price of these ncredible stilettos which start at  1,000 English pounds (roughly $1,700 US). In Shellis'a own words: " I wanted to make something iconic that would be within reach of the average woman. They're a good investment in the future...They can't deteriorate in way or form...Women could even hand them down to their granddaughters. I know what women go through wearing heels."

Are these stilettos for you or someone you love? Only your purse knows for sure, but admiration and wishing are free.