Wearable Art In Kathleen Dustin’s Innovative and Artistic Handbags And Purses

Handbags and purses have often fallen into the "been there, done that" mentality for true innovative fashion lovers. That is, until Kathleen Dustin's artistic handbags came along which combine art and fashion to create unique, beautiful and fashionable accessories.

The unique art fashion accessories made by designer and artist Kathleen Dustin are handcrafted from polymer clay (also know by artists as Femo and Sculpey) with rubber handles to make them functional as well as fashionable. The purses are sculpted and painted to form the beautiful art accessories which are available from three different lines; the "Pod' series, the "Brush Purse" series and the "Stone" series.

The Blowing Grass PurseThe Blowing Grass Purse

The "Pod" series is the most complete line of fashionable and artistic handbags which features beautiful purses in the form of flowers, leaves, fruits, and pods in their most literal form. It also includes my personal favorite fashion accessory from her line, the Blowing Grass purse which I can only dream of carrying on my person. The "Pod" series is the most dainty line, for those who unequivocally like to convey the ladylike impression with their fashion accessories.

The Double Brush PurseThe Double Brush Purse

The "Brush Purse" series is more archaic looking than the more extensive "Pod" line of purses and even includes boar hairs as bristles. The "Stone" series, unintentional or not, is reminiscent of fashion from Bedrock; purse styles which you would expect to see on the arm of Wilma Flinstone or her lovely stone age counterpart, Betty.

The Apple & Granite PurseThe Apple & Granite Purse

Kathleen Dustin's wearable art purses range in price from $250 to $800 USD, however, if you're interested in donning these unique fashion accessories, you will need to contact the artist and designer directly for availability.