Wearable Fleecy “Chocolate” Blanket is a More Tasteful Snuggie™

Remember the Snuggie™, staple of late-night TV commercials and butt of a thousand jokes? Smirk and mock all you like but in catering to adults, lovers, kids and even pets, the Snuggie™ sellers ended up laughing all the way to the bank.

If you've held off getting a Snuggie™ of your own due to a lack of funds or an overabundance of dignity, the time to snuggify your chill self has now come!

We can thank (or curse) Japanese fashion outfitter Kraso for this new & improved wearable blanket, marketed under their faux-Italian Felissimo label though you can bet no righteous Roman would ever be caught dead in one.

The secret is to wear it inside one's home where only the extra-long lenses of top-rank paparazzi can penetrate.

Let's get down to brass tacks then: the 160cm by 100cm (64 by 44 inches, unfolded) “robe”, if we must call it something, is made from 100% machine washable polyester.

The outer layer is brushed to a velvety look & feel and dyed in your choice of Bitter Chocolate, Macadamia Chocolate or Milk Tea Chocolate. Inside, a thick layer of imitation fleece gently conserves the wearer's naturally emanated body heat in the manner of a soft, form-fitting cocoon.

Each robe comes packed in a matching carry bag imprinted with “Chocolate” script and graphics. By now you're probably drooling with anticipation while shouting “Shut up and take my money!” and really, who can blame you? Order your souped-up Snuggie™-like wearable blanket, er, robe thingy from Felissimo/Kraso – they're priced at 2,200 yen (around $25.95) each.