Wearable Furniture In a Parody Art Catalogue

Ever walked through IKEA and went "wow, those curtains would look really good as a toga" or "that lampshade is precisely the hat that I've been looking for!". What? You haven't? Oh, well then, there are a couple of artists who have had that precise vision!

Wearable FurnitureWearable Furniture

We've seen furniture as clothing before, but it's never been based upon a specific brand. With IKEA located all around the world, the pieces transformed into clothing in the Diskea catalogue by David Toro and Solomon Chasewill be recognized by many. Seat covers, curtains and much more appear as clothing, and are displayed on models posing like they're in a fashion magazine. Okay, so you can't actually purchase from Diskea,but seeing as these are actual IKEA products, if you like the trends, you can go shopping!

IKEA ClothingIKEA Clothing

Via: TrendHunter