Wearable Gadget For The World Traveler: Watch For Jetsetters

Those looking for the latest wearable gadget needn't look any further, because the Hamilton ODC X-02 Quartz is the latest gadget available for the world traveler.

The slightly geeky wearable gadget pays a resemblance more to a cuff than to a watch, because it has 3 time faces to show three different time zones at the same time. It's also modeled after the cross-section of an airplanes wing; so the jetsetting relationship is both in style and in function.  In order to control each of the times independently, the watch has three valves for each of the time display.

This Hamilton watch certainly isn't cheap, but you're into watches and want to look like a frequent flyer, this might be the one for you!

Via: Fly Lyf