Wearable Heart Monitor: Vital Jacket’s Fashionable & Vital Monitoring Medical Device

Traditional heart monitoring systems are bulky, inconvenient, and just not always practical for everyday use. Biodevices, S.A. specializes in the development of cutting edge medical diagnostic technologies; the Vital Jacket is their newest gadget which is medically functional and actually quite fashionable, too.

The Vital Jacket is essentially a wearable motherboard that joins textiles with microelectronics to form a fashionable device for wearable vital signs monitoring. The Vital Jacket fashionable heart monitor constantly measures ECG and heart rate, respiration, oxygen saturation, body activity, body temperature and even posture on seniors that require monitoring for medical reasons; or for those looking to monitor their health during activities that are physically exerting.

The Vital Jacket is available in two models for monitoring vitals; one version stores all vital information which can then be viewed from a computer; and the other allows signals to be sent directly to a PDA or cell phone. Biodevices plans to further refine the fashionable heart monitor so that medical professionals can receive live data about their patients' health 24 hours a day using a wireless LAN.

The world's most fashionable heart monitoring device is not currently available for purchase just yet, although they do claim that they're currently involved in talks that will make it available for retail. No word yet weather these fashionable medical devices will be available to the average consumer, or strictly available for distribution to medical facilities.

This wearable heart monitor has however been tested at a 300 bed hospital, and there's no doubting that there's heart monitoring t-shirts make for more fashionable patients than traditional hospital gowns and the design also appears to be functional for wear by fitness enthusiasts also concerned about fashion.

Via: MedGadget

May 10, 2009
by Anonymous

Heart Monitor Jacket

Id rename this the following

BioMedical Lifesigns Jacket or Towel.

Place over patient & EMT, MD can Read Data.

Or for those prone for illness etc wearable Yet data acessable to any EMT, FD worker nearby.

Have ALL Med data on file within jacket/s.

Expand this & have HMOs & PPOs OK use for members & save Money on healthcare costs alone.

Great for those with dementia & alzhiemers disease alone.

Or cancer prone.

A-Z apps for.

Other markets for:

VA System
Kaiser Perm CA System
CHS Hospitals.
Wellness Centers
Sold via RITE AID, CVS RX stores

Must for our vets alone via VA System.