Wearable Laptop Sleeve: Protection For Your Computer, Warmth For You

Not all inventions are a good idea, and here's one that clearly wasn't very well thought through. Just in case you've ever dreamed of sharing clothing with your favorite companion, your laptop, someone had to go and make it possible.

Dinglab Multimodular Laptop SockDinglab Multimodular Laptop Sock

Dinglab Multimodular Laptop Sock is made of a warm, double-layered knit. Essentially it just folds over a laptop to offer some semblance of protection, and just in case you need extra warmth while you're tweeting or looking at pictures on Facebook, you can also use it as a hat or a scarf. As if this design wasn't goofy enough already - it also has one fatal flaw. Since the laptop would require the sock protection during transportation, that leaves you without warm wear when you'd need it most on the go.

Wearable Laptop CaseWearable Laptop Case

The concept might be ridiculous, but clearly, it's got people talking - the question is, will it also get people buying, or wearing?


Nov 12, 2009
by Sparrow

Forget the hat part

While I'd forget the hat part, I had a good laugh at this because my wife knitted me a very nice sleave for my laptop 20 years ago. It was a TRS-80 Model 100 "laptop" with LCD screen. She even added a pocket for the acoustic cups so I could log in to Compuserve with the 300 baud modem from any land line phone. Needless to say, the knitted cozy for my then high tech gizmo kept it quite safe from the stray bump. I'd buy it but forget about wearing it.

My how things have changed!

Nov 13, 2009
by Anonymous


Putting a laptop in this would only cause it to inhale dust, overheat and shorten the lifespan of the product. Brilliant.