Wearable Puppets Really Get Kids Into Character


Halloween is over for another year and all that is left is the sugar high and the candy wrappers.  However, if your kids are still longing for a little dress up time then you might want to pick up a couple of Wearable Puppets from Hammacher Schlemmer.  These fun headband and paw combos quickly transform kids into the wild animals that they so often want to portray.

Rather than wear a hand or finger puppet, kids can really get into character and take center stage themselves.  The costumes come in grizzly bear, snow leopard and tiger versions and look quite convincing.  The head band portion adds animal ears and nose, which really change your child’s overall look without impeding his/her view.  The gigantic paws also provide ferocious sound effects to complete the makeover. 

In two quick steps your child can become his/her favorite animal and then swiftly change to a different one to become another character.  These look like they would make great Christmas gifts for kids who like to play dress up or make up their own stories and act them out. 

via Hammacher Schlemmer