Wearable Solar Powered Cell Phone

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I have always said the best way to keep from loosing your cellphone is to wear it, like an accessory. Apparently, I'm not the only one that thinks this. Seungkyun Woo & Junyi Heo have come up with a concept that converts a cellphone into a bracelet called Leaf.

How is this different from the Nokia Morph? Well, it looks nicer, but also this innovative wrap- around-the-wrist cellphone concept designed by Woo and Heo, is solar powered. Solar cells are incorporates on the phones front panel to charge it up. In addition the phone is designed simple so that a person can talk on the phone. That's it. There are no fancy features.

Because I'm a cellphone user who uses her phone only to make and receive calls with an occasional text message, this does not bother me at all. I don't need any more from my phone. If I can always find it, always have it charged (for free) and make whatever phone calls I need to make, I am content. However, I can see how this would be a problem for those that use their phones like computers.

On a not so positive note...I don't really see a man wearing this cute solar powered cellphone bracelet. In my home it's the man, my man that is always loosing the cell phone. At times we look all day for it only to discover he had it in the very first place we looked for it. It drives me crazy, but what can I do? Oh, that's right! I can find him a cellphone like this one he can wear, so he can't loose it. If only it looked more like a watch. Other design questions come to mind too. Can this wrap around bracelet fit anyone of any size? Can the size of it be readjusted for small or large person?

For more information on the solar powered cell phone idea visit here.

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