Wearable Tail Reads Your Brainwaves, Wags to Match Your Mood

If you thought the world was going to the dogs, here's some solid proof. Neurowear, the creators of those bizarre Necomimi cat ears, have taken the field of brainwave actuated mood indicators to a new, lower level with "Shippo", the world's first mind-controlled wearable tail!

To say that Shippo is a tail with a mind of its own is only a slight exaggeration: it's a tail controlled by YOUR mind, which is a marginally less disturbing concept.

Perhaps further explanation is required. Shippo means “tail” in Japanese and its full name, 脳波で動くしっぽ , means roughly “tail that runs on EEG” with the abbreviation standing for electroencephalography... brain waves, baby!

As the device is officially only a prototype, the retail name is yet to be determined but considering its functional relationship to Necomimi brainwave-powered wearable cat ears, we'll go out on a limb and predict that “Necoshippo” (literally “Cat Tail”) is destined to land on store shelves sooner or later.

Check out this bizarre promotional video of a chillingly charming young lady as she and her Shippo innocently meander through an otherwise normal surburban neighborhood:

Well, that was weird though it had a happy ending. Lest one assumes that Neurowear is pulling a fast one – or at least, pulling a tail with secreted strings – skeptics and undercover Furries alike were offered the chance to try out a Shippo at the 2012 Tokyo Game Show where the company had a booth. Shippo demonstrations were held thrice daily near the Social Game Area and Smartphone Game Area.

Shippo works by reacting (ie; wagging) to EEG variations recorded by a Bluetooth sensor mounted on the user's forehead via a headset. Sorry, Neurowear hasn't quite mastered the fine art of wireless brainwave transmission quite yet so you'll just have to bear looking like the lovechild of Barf from Spaceballs and Star Trek Voyager's Seven of Nine... not that there's everything wrong with that.

Once you're all hooked up, hightail it out the door but be sure to bring your smartphone with: Shippo's complementary app uses GPS to track your location and then shares the info with your friends, admirers and presumably the relevant public health authorities via Twitter and Facebook. Tailed by a tail, so to speak... now that's ruff. (via Inside-Games and Matter 1518)