Wearable Tech Goes To The Dogs: The VOYCE Dog Health & Fitness Monitoring Collar

Voyce wearable fitness monitorVoyce wearable fitness monitorRadar and wi-fi have been a part of wearable technology for dogs for some years now; you might even say that dogs have had a 'paw up' on wearable technology.  Of the new dog tech products being introduced at the 2014 Computer Electronics Show (CES),  I particularly like prospects for the Voyce dog-wearable collar that monitors and reports your dog's health and fitness levels 24/7.

How many times have you thought you noticed your dog's discomfort and wished there was some way you could know for sure what she was feeling? Dogs are pretty stoic creatures, not big on revealing discomfort or pain.  So, the name "Voyce" is well-chosen, I think, because this device gives a 'voice' to what's going on inside her.

 Developed with biomedical engineers, veterinarians, and dog behavioral experts, Voyce monitors your dog's heart rate and respiratory rate and, in addition, keeps track of his activity rate and calories burned.  Voyce not only provides constant monitoring that you can access on any wi-fi connected computer, pad, or smartphone, but the device provides charts and graphs that plug in your dog's health data so you can view it over time.  Additionally, you have access to recommendations, tips, and goals for your dog's health based on his age and breed.  All this information is provided and updated by veterinarians and dog fitness experts.

Voyce wearable fitness monitor for dogs: image via mydogsvoyce.comVoyce wearable fitness monitor for dogs: image via mydogsvoyce.com



Voyce app for any wi-fi connected deviceVoyce app for any wi-fi connected device

Because this information is monitored continuously, and is not just a snapshot of your dog's health at a moment in time, the data provides essential information for your veterinarian at your dog's wellness visits, as well as when Voyce indicates irregularities or a decline in aspects of your dog's health.

Currently, the Voyce is made for dogs with 12-inch necks and up; however, the device's developer, i4C Innovations, plans to develop Voyce for smaller dogs, cats and, eventually, horses. 

The Voyce is expected to ship this Spring. The price is expected to be around $300, plus there will be a monthly subscription fee for access to the Voyce app. It won't be cheap, but it may pay off by avoiding future vet fees and your peace of mind.

For more information or to register for updates on the Voyce, visit Voyce's home at MyDogsVoyce.com. I think this wearable has legs... four of them.


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