WearableTech: Fashion TEQ’s Zazzi Smart Jewelry Line

Technology has become completely integrated into our every day lives. A recent study has indicated that retail revenue from wearable technology is expected to jump from about $1.4 billion in 2013 to as much as $19 billion by 2018. Although a booming and dynamic market, many of the options available for geek-chic wearable tech are more functional than chic. It is this aspect of wearable technology that Fashion TEQ so stylishly addresses.


Fashion TEQ Bracelet: Source: Fashion TEQFashion TEQ Bracelet: Source: Fashion TEQ


What is Fashion TEQ?

Based in Orange County, California, Fashion TEQ  is a fashion-oriented, wearable technology company founded by CEO Judy Tomlinson. Combining high-tech with fashion, Fashion TEQ has launched a new jewelry collection called Zazzi, which integrates both current and future smart-phone technology. Featured at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas,  the collection is the epitome of a smart, stylish and versatile jewelry line for working women who refuse to separate high-tech from high fashion.

 In Tomlinson's own words: "Technology is such an integral part of our everyday lives, but there's nothing out there tailored to match our personal styles or self-expression... The Zazzi smart jewelry collection enables women to accesorize and remain fashion-forward all while still being connected to their technology... It will help women stay connected, and not miss very important moments. This is a solution to mobile manners, leaving your phone in your purse so that you can enjoy face to face meetings with loved ones, friends or business clients."

What types of accessories are included in the  Zazzi collection?


Fashion Teq Pendant Styles: Source: Fashion TEQFashion Teq Pendant Styles: Source: Fashion TEQ


The Zazzi collection is comprised of a cocktail ring, convertible pendant and a cuff, which can be worn either as a necklace or a bracelet.  They are unique because they disguise their smart tech qualities as fashionable accessories with the help of an accomplice known as low-energy Bluetooth technology. The target consumer is the working woman who prefers discretion when receiving a phone call or text. The geek-chic jewelry is  very easy to program via a smart phone app, which permits the user to be connected at all times.


Zazzi ring: Source: Fashion TEQZazzi ring: Source: Fashion TEQ


With Zazzi, a 1.44" e-ink screen  wihtin the jewelry connects the wearer at all times via an alert via an alert that can come in the form of just an image or a vibration. The "smart piece" merely slips into place. Notifications can be streamlined to your specific  needs; for example, only work or only family. You can choose different images for different people. The phone will also alert you if you are too far away from it.


What is the future of the Zazzi collection?


 Zazzi designs: Source: Dragon Innovation.comZazzi designs: Source: Dragon Innovation.com


Although wearable technolgy has a firm foothold in modern living, new products still have to capture a broad market appeal while simultaneously featuring specific and unique utility. This balancing act is fragile and needs to be properly and consistently nurtured.  Zazzi is a noble venture with real promise as it has a distinct  target appeal, but it is still debatable how it will fare in today's fickle market place.

Time will stylishly tell with the Fashion TEQ and Zazzi jewelry collection, which is available  in sterlng, onyx and white.