Is That An Obama On Your Pocket Or Are You Happy To See Me? - 8 Shocking Obama Items

Whether or not you like our president, it's hard to deny that his fame has become a global phenomenon few presidents have ever encountered. As a result, we've had a slew of what's been referred to as Obamarama or, more cynically, baracksploitation. Our new president has been used to market Japanese cities and cell phone stores. He's somehow been made into the German version of chicken fingers. And here in the US of A, there is certainly no shortage of tacky merchandise barring his likeness. While I have every intention of talking about all of the terrible memorabilia featuring the Commander-in-Cheif, there's actually so much I had to break it up into multiple articles. As a result, let me introduce you to the first large Barack market, the fashion industry.

 Obama's Made For Walking


While these tacky flip flops are certainly the ugliest of the Obama shoes stepping out these days, they're not the only ones.

Whether you're wearing those hideous thong sandals or these sweet Keds, it's certainly a bad call to step all over someone you claim to be supporting.

Even with these top-notch trainers, it's impossible to tastefully walk with Obama all over your shoe. What if you step in dog poop? Did you ever think about that?

An Outright Display of Obamamania

If you're a person that prefers to show support the good old fashioned way, tee shirts will probably be all you need. But if you don't want another boring Obama shirt, this Star Wars-crossover might be just what you need.

On the other hand, maybe you're super stylish and need your Barack-wear to be runway-worthy. In that case, these sexy Obama dresses by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and Sonia Rykiel may be just what Dr. Versace ordered.

If you're all about accessories though, you'll no doubt be taken in by either the Barack bracelet or belt buckle.

Remember, if you like this piece, keep your eyes peeled for the next article about Baracksploitation regarding Obama in the home.