Weather Dresses: Wearable Art By Valerie Lamontagne Visually Depicts Weather Data

Fashion that serves another function is always well received by those who might never think of wearing such an item, but love to gawk at the innovations. An artist recently developed a line of weather dresses that are about more than just couture designs.

Weather DressesWeather Dresses

The line of weather dresses by Valerie Lamontagne are extremely fashionable, but they also serve another function that is perhaps more innovative and entertaining than practical. Weather data is sent to the pretty dresses wirelessly including wind speed, humidity, and solar velocity and each relevant dress responds by changing shape and style. There's a sun dress that lights up based on sun data, flowers on the moon dress reflect the cycles of the moon, and the wind dress inflates.

It's no secret that often fashion is about wearable art, and these are great examples where the two things collide in an interesting way!

Via: Neatorama