Web Surfing Is Good For Middle-Aged & Senior Brains

The latest scientific findings on brain power in the aging mind indicate that using the Internet stimulates the centers in the brain that control decision-making and complex reasoning. That's right! Web surfing is good for you!

The study, by researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), was conducted using brain scans of 24 volunteers, ages 55 to 76, half of whom were experienced Internet users. The brain scans were conducted on each volunteer, both as they were reading a book and performing web searches.

The brain scans below show the difference in the areas of the brain stimulated by reading a book (left) versus conducting a web search (right) of those who were experienced Internet users.

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The scans done on the brains of the inexperienced Internet users, however, showed virtually no difference in brain stimulation whether reading a book or web searching.

The researchers concluded that the inexperienced users did not have the skills to successfully carry out a web search, which is not to say that they could not learn them.

The other conclusion made from the brain scans of experienced Internet users was that the more complicated brain activity actually exercises the brain and improves brain function.

This is great news for boomers because, for most of us, the Internet is an integral part of our daily activities, at work and at home. Now we need to get our parents to use the Internet too!

via BBC News