Webcycle Makes Internet Users Work Out

It's no secret that America is a physically large nation. It's also no secret that we love to spend hours using electronic devices like gaming consoles and computers. Who wants to do something as unattractive as go to the gym or jog around the block when they could waste hours browsing the Internet? That mentality clearly isn't helping the cause.

Here's an intriguing idea--make exercise integral to browsing the Internet. The Webcycle, designed by Matt Gray and Tom Scott does just that. The hack involves a mix of hardware as simple as tin foil and an exercise bike, as well as a laptop running Ubuntu. The faster the user pedals, the more bandwidth is opened up, and the faster the the Internet application runs. So if you want to load and watch a video, you'll really have to work the bike. 

With the addition of a Webcycle, the relationship between the Internet and staying fit would officially reverse. The more you browse, the more you exercise, the fitter you are. Not a bad idea.

Webcycle via Dvice