WebSeer Lets You Experiment With Google Suggestion Results

Chances are that if you've been on the internet ever in your life, you've Googled something wierd just to what would come up.  Chances are that somewhere else in the world someone did the same thing, but with different terms.  As Google continues to collect data on what we search for, some of the more fascinating results have been examinations of global conciousness, which is what WebSeer is all about.

It's not a particularly fancy site.  All you do is start typing in search terms, and WebSeer makes a simple infographic that displays what the Google suggestions would be and how popular they are.  You can compare one or two search terms against each other, like I did here by putting in "girlfriends" against "boyfriends":

What I found interesting is when the terms actually match up.  That is, according to Google, you might assume that people in relationships are most interested in pet names, quoting each other, and gifts (which actually makes a lot of sense for this time of the year).  Check out what happened when I put in "download" and "YouTube":

Predictably, the most popular matching terms are "music" and "movies", some other boring ones like ".com" and "converter", which are common.  But stuck right in the middle with very little popularity but considerable relevancy to both terms was "pants on the ground." It made me kind of laugh and I understood why this site is so cool.

WebSeer is just a small demonstration of a larger concept, and I'm sure in years to come, we'll see more elaborate demonstrations of this very concept.  If you want to try out WebSeer, go here.  Try typing just one letter at a time and seeing what comes up.  It's fun to experiment with different things to see what people are thinking about when they search.  If you find anything funny, make sure to let us know about it in the comments.