Wedding Boutique For Gay Men: Fashion And Future Forward

Wedding fashion is usually all about that bride, but what happens in a coupling where there is no bridezilla. Gay men deserve to get the complete bridal experience too, so fortunately, there are wedding boutiques for gay men that put out all the stops!

The unique wedding boutique for gay men is the first of its kind in Barcelona, where the grooms-to-be will get treated better than any bride in a leading bridal salon. The suit selection is full of designer labels like Delgado Buil, Ion Fix, Juanjo Oliva, Locking Shocking and Helena Rohner, and the suits and their lining are completely customizable with options to put the couple's initials, special fabrics, or a little bit of added fashion flair of the groom's choosing.

Unfortunately, there's no word whether or not this wedding boutique for gay men is still in operation since their website no longer seems to be active, but this is a call to arms for fashion lovers to open up a similar business stateside; as gay marriage is slowly becoming legalized across North America it's time to give gay men the wedding experience suited for any blushing bride!

Via: Trend Spark