Wedding Emergency Survival Kits: Business for the Bridezilla

Smart wedding planners recommend that their brides (and grooms) carry wedding emergency kits with them to their weddings, and while there are comprehensive lists available online; it's just one more thing to have to think about when your wedding day approaches. In order to help brides and grooms prepare for any eventuality on their wedding day, businesses like Wedding Emergency Survival Kits are distributing their own pre-packaged emergency kits to help solve wedding day mishaps.

Wedding Emergency Survival Kits not only packages must-have wedding day items for brides, grooms, bridesmaids and even guests; they ensure that the emergency kits are fashionable. Every wedding emergency kit is packaged is a fashionable purse, cosmetic or train case. The pre-packaged BrideSaver kits contain a selection of travel sized toiletry products like hair spray, deodorant, dental floss and tooth wipes; healthcare products including tampons, bandaids, antacids, and Aleve; as well as nail polish remover, makeup remover, earring backs, double stick tape and more for fashion related emergencies; and most importantly, a spare set of inexpensive rings to stand in should someone in the wedding party forget the real ones.

For compulsive bridal party members, Wedding Emergency Survival Kits also allows consumers to develop their own custom made wedding emergency kits with the specific products they'd like to have. The cost of emergency kits range from about $40 - $100 dependent upon selections.

Wedding emergency kits are the ideal gift for high-maintenance brides, and since that's the stereotype conveyed by many wedding planners; a business like Wedding Emergency Survival Kits has surely found a successful niche market.