Wedge House - Playhouse Of The Eco-Conscious Child

From American company Modern Playhouse comes the Wedge House, a throwback to the "simplicity and integration with nature" that was at the forefront of the modernist movement. Also, it's a playhouse.

It's tough on some levels to take Modern Playhouse seriously, especially when their  4’W x 3.5’D x 4’H Wedge House comes in at $1099. Wow. Still, the company is doing their best to not only promote sustainable child's play but do it from naturally-sourced materials like apple-ply and domestic lumber in order to create a playhouse that is not only fun and functional but doesn't take away from the environment that helped create it. 


The Wedge House  comes with a half-door, square side window and circular back window as well as one Swiss cheese wall for maximum lighting fun. The sloped roof is clever and gives the house a touch of the modernist in the midst of it being a great child's toy. It is not meant for outside use but instead to be setup in a child's main playroom so that they can hold court, build a fortress or simply hang out in what will surely become one their favorite "rooms" in the house.

The entire unit is shipped as four flat panels that can be easily set up in half an hour using the tools provided, and comes in at a decent 130 pounds of weight. The Wedge House can be ordered online but two weeks manufacturing time is required so it may take up to a month from ordering before the house shows up at your doorstep.

From the look of the product it is well-made and solid, something handcrafted by a professional rather than simply skimmed off of an assembly line. Still, we're not sure that a $1099 price tag can be justified - $1299 if you want the Scandinavian Circle House version - no matter how eco-friendly the design is. For the right market, however, the Modern Playhouse options may be just what the eco-doctor ordered for both fun and guilt-free purchasing.

Source: Modern Playhouse