Organic, Vegetable Based Wee Can Too Finger Paints Make Creative Time Safe for Babies


Finger paint is a childhood staple. It’s goopy, messy and lots of fun, but parents have a love/hate relationship with it. On the one hand it can keep kids busy for hours. On the other hand it gets everywhere including on and probably in your child. Yes, once the paint is on little hands it’s pretty much guaranteed to get in an eye, mouth, ear or all of the above. While finger paints are generally non-toxic, they’re probably not the best thing to be consuming. Wee Can Too Finger Paints take away all the worry so that kids and parents can completely enjoy finger painting time.



Created by two moms, Wee Can Too Finger Paints use vegetable and fruit powders and other plant based ingredients. They create the green color with spinach powder, the purple-blue with blueberry, the red with beets and the yellow with pumpkin. The powder finger paints, which need only be mixed with a bit of water to use, are also organic, vegan and wheat, dairy, sugar and preservative free. A little goes a long way with these paints too; you get 20 oz. of paint out of 8 oz. of powder.



The line also includes sidewalk chalk, egg dye, crayons and tempera paint so your kids can be safe no matter what their art preferences. To check out what parents are saying about Wee Can Too Finger Paints or to buy click here.