Some New Things You Wanted to Know About Planes : Weekend Reading

Happy Fourth of July!

Want to learn about the latest inventions, innovations and interesting ideas relating to airplanes?

For this long weekend, I thought it'd be fun to highlight some of the great innovations happening with planes.


So, here from our archives are some interesting articles you may have missed:

Experiments with Flying Cars by Lisa Zyga

Solar Powered Plane Lands Every Five Years by Gloria Campos

Airplanes as Billboards by Amy Gifford

New Fighter Pilot Helmet Comes with -Ray Vision by Joe Eitel

ICON Comes Up with the People's Plane by Pria Ingrum

Plane Can Fly Inches Over Water by Lisa Zyga

Paper Airplane Set to Soar from Space Station by Steve Levenstein

Great Invention Idea? Reservation System for Airplane Toilets by Elizabeth Valeri

Kids Fly Care Free with CARES by Tammy Warta

Will the Private Jet Become Everyday Transportation? by George Delozier

Will Space Be The Next Tourist Attraction? by George Delozier

Green Air Travel with Reaction Engines by George Delozier

So with the stunning changes going on with the airlines industry, what do you think will happen with the future of aviation? What would be some great inventions that could help us fly more comfortably and more economically? Where do you think we will see in the near future?