Weekend Reading: Fun in the Sun

Lazy days of summer may slow some down, but these InventorSpot writers find lots of fun in the sun. Check out these innovations and inventions from our archives that have everything to do with the sun, solar powered products and summertime.

10 Gigantic Solar Powered Projects by Lisa Zyga

10 Great Products to Bring Down Your Summer Cooling Bill by Gloria Campos 

Enjoy Your Backyard With Solar Energy by Gloria Campos

Harness the Sun's Power With Your Own Solar Car Kit by George Delozier

Five Amazing Ways to Use Portable Solar Power by Gloria Campos

Thai Food Owner Roasts Chicken Using Solar Powered Oven by Steve Levenstein

The Sun Even Powers the Bible by Gloria Campos

10 Summer Baby Essentials by Tammy

Keep Kids Cool in the Car This Summer by Tammy

10 Hot Products to Keep Your Pets Cool by Lady Bee

5 Fun Ways to Slide Into Summer by Tammy 

5 Innovative Ways to Play in the Pool by Tammy

Great Summer Products for Kids by HotSpotMama 

Spot's Illustrated 2008 Pet Swimsuits by Lady Bee 

Waboba Ball Bounces On Water by Joshua Kahn

So see? The sun can be our friend. Just don't look directly into it or you won't be enjoying anything about the summer. What I love about summer is the hot temperatures and swimming pools. What is your favorite part about summer?