Weekend Reading: We All Scream For Ice Cream

Delicious Ice CreamDelicious Ice Cream

With the hot summer months here, ice cream is more popular than ever. So while you're sitting in your cool air conditioning (or not), check out some interesting reading from our archives about the latest ice cream innovations and inventions.

Do you crave ice cream when the power goes out? Read Ice Cream in a Blackout Anyone? by hotspotmama

Don't want anyone eating your ice cream when you're not around? Check out the Ben and Jerry's Lock by thinkoutsidethebox

How about when you run out of ice cream in the freezer? Read up on Ice Cream Flavored Toothpaste by hotspotmama

Here are some not-so-yummy flavors of ice cream that are out on the market:

Jellyfish Ice Cream by Steve Levenstein

Squid Ink Flavored Ice Cream in 10 Things To Make You Want To Puke by Amused and Bemused

Bacon-Flavored Ice Cream in Inventive (But Ill-Advised) Ways to Keep Cool by Christian

Garlic Ice Cream by Steve Levenstein

Here are some ideas to consider when you don't have any ice cream to eat and are desperate for something that just looks like ice cream.

Knitted Ice Cream Cone by Diana Eid

The Banger & Mash Cone by Toby

If you miss the ice cream truck coasting down the street when you were a little kid, then take a look at a melted ice cream truck in Is It Art or Advertising? by Amy Gifford.

There are some pretty wild inventions out there with ice cream. I'd have to say that the Banger & Mash cone looks the most disgusting. Which one do you like the best? What about the least? Has anyone ever purchased one of these items? I'd love to meet a person that has tried bacon-flavored ice cream.

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