WeGoLook: Business Offers Inspection Services For EBay Purchases

All EBay shoppers have been scorned at one time or another when they make a purchase from a seller that misrepresents a product. It's hard when you don't leave near someone and simply have to take their word on the quality of a purchase. Well, there's now a business that ensures you don't have to!


WeGoLook offers a simple yet genius service. While they are based in the US they have a network of 7,000 people all over the place prepared to go and do a personal inspection starting at a price of $49. Of course, the deal is that there's no guarantee you can trust your inspector, but you've got to hope that they've got a vested interest in in all!

Via: Springwise

Nov 11, 2010
by Anonymous

Looker (Inspectors)

As Co-Founder of WeGoLook- I just want to make sure the readers have correct info on our Lookers. All of our Lookers have been verified through an extensive background check and are professionals in their field.

It is our mission to provide a quality observation and professional report for our customers. We are an independent and unbiased party who will "Look" for you.

Thanks Beth for the great article!