Proof: Weight Loss Surgery Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Two studies released this week reported that weight loss surgery has helped persons with Type 2 diabetes throw away their injection needles and medicine bottles!  Patients in these two studies truly experienced remarkable, some would say miraculous, results.


Gastric bypass diagram: image by Mayo Foundation for Educational Research via drjosephnaim.comGastric bypass diagram: image by Mayo Foundation for Educational Research via


Both studies compared stomach reducing surgeries to medicines alone for diabetes brought on by obesity.  One was conducted at the Cleveland Clinic with 150 subjects given stomach surgery or medicine to control their diabetes.  Those who had the weight loss surgery, most frequently gastric bypass surgery, not only lost considerable weight, but their insulin levels returned to normal . Some stopped taking insulin within three days of the surgery.

One year after treatment began, only 12% of those treated with medicines alone were at the healthy level with their A1c levels at 6 or below, versus 42% and 37% of the two groups receiving surgery.

The second study was conducted at the Catholic University in Rome.  Here 60 patients who had weight loss surgery or medicine alone took part. The research goal was at or below a blood level of 6.5 A1c. Two years after surgery, 95 percent and 75 percent of the two surgery groups had maintained levels of A1c at 6.5 or less.  None of those on medicines alone achieved the goal.

Both studies additionally showed significant drops in blood pressure and cholesterol levels of the patients who had surgical treatment.

The individual stories are so positive.  One told by Jon Diat, 50, of New York, is truly inspiring.  Diat said he was popping all kinds of pills for cholesterol and putting on more and more weight. After he had to have surgery to open an artery, he was diagnosed with diabetes, but medicines could not keep his insulin under control.

Two years ago he had weight loss surgery.  He said that although he was told he would see rapid results, he didn't believe how rapid.  He was off insulin within 72 hours of surgery and is still in complete remission, not to mention he lost 70 pounds.  

Now Diat is eating right, playing tennis and hockey, walks to work, up 12 flights of stairs... He says, "I look at this as a second chance at life."


source: RDMag  Both studies appear in the online edition of the New England Journal of Medicine on March 26, 2012


Jun 14, 2012
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The results of the research

The results of the research is quite interesting, so weight loss surgery can benefit the diabetes patient by reducing glucose level as well as cholesterol & blood pressure too. I think it needs more research so that a more proof results can be got & thereby people will take the benefit of it.

Jun 26, 2012
by Anonymous

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It is really a good news for type 2 diabetic person? Many type 2 diabetic patients are afraid of weight loss surgery.