Weird And Wacky Men’s Underwear: The Solution to Flat Butts

Few men will tell you, but for many a flat butt is a source of embarrassment. They can work on pumping up their arms, their abs and their chests, but their butts often don't change shape as they'd like. Spanx are available for women to tuck and firm, and now, to address men's body grievances there is body contouring underwear.

The Solution to Flat ButtsThe Solution to Flat Butts
Flashback is a unique body contouring underwear innovation by Andrew Christian, maker of an underwear brand that's on the rise! The underwear promises that if lifts and firms the butt to make it look a little bit rounder and firmer, adding an additional ½ to full inch to a flat butt!

Men's Butt Enhancing UndiesMen's Butt Enhancing Undies

We know women swear by body contouring undergarments that alter the way their body looks in, but who said that men can't focus on vanity too?

Via: Manchic

Nov 10, 2009
by devvon

cool product

but most dudes likes to wear long shirts and do not like to tuck them in anymore so for that reason i think im out for now

Nov 10, 2009
by Anonymous


It seems to me that when you would take off your new underwear you would have a head held in shame -sorry but this product is more than the diminition of personality;
it shows the sad state of human beings that would wear them