Weird Voice Messenger Makes Me Reach For Fly Swatter

I'm a twitchy person.  It's just in my nature.  Can't help it.

But I wasn't always this way.  I blame a lot of my twitchy nature (though not all) on a lizard.  It jumped down my shirt, did a mambo-salsa combo across my chest and back, then jumped out.

I jumped around like a little girl being forced to walk a bed of coals.  I'm not proud of it, dear reader.  But it's the truth.

So when I see something like this, my hand moves to the fly swatter:

Yeah, yeah.  I hear you all mumbling about me being a wimp and thinkin' how cute the EchoBot is.

But I'd still swat it.  And only after examining it's little alien/buggy remains would I discover that it is a tiny little voice recorder.

That's a pretty tiny little speaker...That's a pretty tiny little speaker...

EchoBot holds up to 10 seconds of audio.  Playback is triggered via motion detection from up to 3 feet away.  Little suction cup feet allow this critter to stick to all sorts of surfaces.  It's quite a nifty gadget for quick office reminders.

Eat my fly swatter!  I'll take out the trash when I damn well feel like it!Eat my fly swatter! I'll take out the trash when I damn well feel like it!

And look.  It's got a girlfriend.

Belle, EchoBot's womanBelle, EchoBot's woman

 If they are fruitful and multiply, that would mean that hundreds of these little things would soon be swarming through my office, each repeating some message of dubious importance.

Screw the fly swatter.  I'm gonna try some Raid.*

You can get EchoBot and its girlfriend at Amazon!

*In all honesty, this thing is pretty cute and quite fun.  My fear of lizards took hold of me during the writing of this article.

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Aug 30, 2009
by Anonymous