10 Weird, Wacky & Just Plain Dumb Pet Products


4.  Dog Perfume

If your dog stinks, make sure you are feeding her properly - my bias is towards natural, holistic, and raw foods - no kibble.  You can also try bathing her with a natural dog soap and a dog conditioner. 

But if she smells like a dog when she's groomed and clean, leave her alone!  If you perfume her, she'll repulse other dogs, and you need to get yourself a life!

Sexy Beast, the preeminent dog fragrance, retails at $50 for a 1.7 ounce bottle; the 3.4 ounce, Swarovski-crystalled, limited edition bottle below goes for $850.  Enough said? (Buy here.)




 5.  The Poop Tent

Yup, we all know that when it's cold, snowy, or rainy outside, our dogs need... what?  Protection?  Privacy?  The Poop Tent is cute, but c'mon!




6.   Kong Stuff'N Pastes

If he likes the smell of the Stuff'N Paste, which is practically guaranteed, it will keep him busy, crazy busy.  But how is a dog supposed to get the pasty goo out of the small hole in the Kong?  He can't.  The 'stuff' just sticks to the inside of the Kong where you can't even wash it out.  Leave it sitting around your house or yard, and he'll be greeted with tons of ants, which will not stop him from trying again to get the paste out of the Kong.

And, another thing... Has the Kong Company been hiding in one of its toys this century?  As most all other dog food companies are going natural, and making meals and treats that are wholesome and balanced according to the nutritional needs of dogs, the Kong Company is stuck like paste in the junk dog food era.  

Although it claims its Kong fillers are all natural, veterinarian approved, etcetera, etcetera, I think that canine nutritionists might disagree.  Here, for example, are the contents of the Kong Stuff'N Peanut Butter Paste: Whey, Soybean Oil, Water, Milk, Dextrose Maltodextrin, Modified Corn Starch, Sodium Phosphate, Salt, Carrageenan, Guar Gum, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Lactic Acid, Caramel Color, Annatto Extract (Color), Cheese Cultures, and Rennet.

Notice there is no peanut butter in Kong Stuff'n Peanut Butter Paste.... No, that might be healthy for your dog. 

And although protein should be the prime ingredient in a dog's diet, each teaspoon of the Stuff'n Pastes contains only 2-3 percent protein and 20-23 percent fat.  The highest proportion of content is "moisture," about 53 percent of the serving.




7.   The PooTrap

Otherwise known as the "Magic Poop Collector," the PooTrap is supposed to transfer the responsibility for picking up after your dog from you, the owner, to the dog, the pooper.  I won't go into a long spiel here: it's an awkward, cumbersome, humiliating, and totally stupid pet product. (You can buy it here.)




Oh, I know you want to see the PooTrap in use!




Dec 17, 2009
by Jill Harness
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These are great. I'm

These are great. I'm including a few in my bad gifts for Christmas post

Dec 19, 2009
by Anonymous


These aren't dumb at all! My pet has ALL of these products, thank you very much!

Apr 1, 2010
by Anonymous


Nothing more need be said...

Jun 26, 2010
by Anonymous


This is more for the lazy idol people who can't be bothered to train there dog!