The Weirdest Christmas Ornaments To Make Your Tree Blush

Sparkly Poop Ornaments

Now that we’ve covered body organs, why not add some bodily functions to your ornament collection? This artificially-snow covered pile of poop is the most beautiful odorless pile of poop I personally have ever seen…I think.(You can buy this here.)

Bigfoot Ornament


If you asked yourself who made the poop? I can’t tell you for sure, but the fact that it doesn’t stink might make it magical. Who could make magical poo? Perhaps Bigfoot…or maybe, since it’s snow-covered, it would be the Yeti’s.( You can buy this here.)

Strange Doll Ornaments

Speaking of things that give people nightmares, these creepy doll ornaments are some of the scariest Christmas tree decorations I’ve ever seen. If you’re the kind of person who would want to scare baby Jesus, then maybe, just maybe you’re the type of freak that would love these Strange Dolls.

* * *

Readers, what do you think of these ornaments? Are there any you think would be perfect for your family tree? Have you seen anything stranger ornaments? If so, please do tell; it is the season for sharing after all.

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Jill Harness
Weird Gizmos, Toys and Whatnots

Dec 14, 2009
by Boomer Babe

oh my!

some things one just doesn't expect on a Christmas tree!

Dec 15, 2009
by Anonymous

nice post

nice post thx for sharing,

Dec 15, 2009
by Anonymous

Unfortunate listing undermines good cause

Finding the Bigfoot and Yeti ornaments, which we give to those who donate to the International Cryptozoology Museum, on this rather unnerving list was quite disturbing. Then to see that you undermined the efforts of Boing Boing's good story about us (to which you linked) by sending people elsewhere to pick up these ornaments, instead of to us for our fundraiser, was unfortunate.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!
Loren Coleman
International Cryptozoology Museum
Portland, Maine

Dec 15, 2009
by Jill Harness
Jill Harness's picture

RE: Unfortunate listing undermines good cause

Hi Loren,

I just wanted to let you know that we only linked to Amazon so those who are interested can find an easy place to buy them, since they are no longer avilible through the link featured on Boing Boing. If you add them to an easy to use shop, I'll be happy to direct the buyers there.

I am a fan of yours though and just recently wrote a post that will show up on Mental Floss this week that links to your long and fascinating interview also on Boing Boing. I hope that makes up for the problems you see with the post.

Thank you for reading,


Dec 17, 2009
by Anonymous

Funny, no harm

Hi, Jill

Your column is fun and funny. No harm done; the link should still work at Boing Boing.

Oh well, what would the day be without interweb problems/foolishness.

Best wishes,

Dec 26, 2009
by Anonymous

I was all giggles until the

I was all giggles until the creepy dolls. I think I am going to have nightmares. Nice article though! Loved the golden penis and vagina.

Jun 21, 2010
by Anonymous

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