Welcome to the Dollhouse: Mini-TV Really Works

As the innovative interiors writer over here at inventorspot, I feel it only fitting to include the domiciles of the inanimate set as well, namely, the dollhouse bunch. Why should they get left behind in the exciting world of innovation? It appears there are some new developments in the making for those that come in under four inches that I feel obliged to cover. Brett Foster, who is soon to be the hero of little girls everywhere, made a tiny working television set at a scale of 1:12 and is selling them online for the tune of about $200. This is the real deal, kids. You can even connect a DVD player, X-box or Playstation to it and arrange a mini-sized soiree.

Can I just say that my jealousy has been retroactivated back to my own dollhouse days, when mine didn't even have a stairway or means of getting to the third floor? What kind of crap was that? Bunk architect must've been smoking something to think we girls wouldn't notice.

whatcha watchin'?whatcha watchin'?

Jealousy aside, Foster recommends setting the dollhouse on top of the DVD player or other such system because although the TV is miniature, the equipment is not, and it obviously needs to be close by. Can't wait to see the flat screen version.

Via Geekologie