Welcome to Maifoot, Service With a Servant!

Maids to order... but you'll "foot" the billMaids to order... but you'll "foot" the bill
Maifoot takes geek mantra of "everything's better with a maid" to the limit... well, the limit of propriety at least. Basically, Maifoot is a health care walk-in clinic specializing in reflexology (glorified foot massages) and aromatherapy.

They also specialize in catering to Otaku (geeks) who really don't get out that much - and when they DO escape the basement, they want to get lai, er, maid.

Established in 2005, Maifoot is open from noon to 9pm daily and has a staff of 12. You pay an entrance fee and select your preferred services, then choose which smiling, lovely maid will be performing them for you. Here's what's on the menu:

2000yen/20min, 3000yen/30min, 4000yen/40min

Hand Care: 1,000yen/10min, 1,500yen/15min

Aroma Therapy Oxygen Bar: 700yen/10min, 1,300yen/20min

The Hand Care and Aroma Therapy Oxygen Bar fees are discounted when you bundle them with a reflexology session, and hey, who wouldn't?

Once your relaxing massage comes to a happy ending (no giggling, please), mosey on over to the bar for a soothing after-session drink. Presumably you can chat up the off-duty maids while quaffing your cooler, though you'd best be fluent in Otaku culture. Fluent in Japanese too.

If you have a yen for relaxation Otaku-style and the yen to pay for it, pop in to Maifoot on your next electronics shopping spree in Akihabara. Better yet, have a native friend call and make a reservation - seems like the place is popular and you don't want to stand around waiting. Or be SEEN standing around waiting, for that matter.

Here's the address: 3F Suzuki Bldg, 3-1-3 Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku. Telephone: 03-3253-1113 or online at http://www.mai-foot.com/