Mar 14, 2006
by Aries

Structure of the Show

Did Doug give you any insight on the structure of the show? Based on the commercials promoting it, it looks like they going to show the auditions in the different cities for the first few shows (like American Idol). That totally bugs me.

I know that during the first round of auditions, they don't have any of the judges for AI there. They have other people screen through the applicants. So that means AI called people in for the second round of auditions that had horrible ideas for the sole purpose of mocking them.


Mar 15, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

I'm not sure the show is

I'm not sure the show is going to be a huge it, but I'm sure we are going to see some inventions that we would never otherwise see.

Mar 15, 2006
by Aries

Info on the show

I read somewhere that the judges pick the top three inventions and then the american public picks the winner. So its a little different than American Idol. In Idol, the American public have more than the top three to choose from. I wonder if they will have as many weekly followers with American Inventor. With Idol, I know people who watch EVERY week just so they can call in for their favorite contestant.

Mar 15, 2006
by HERE I AM!!!!!!!!!1 (not verified)


I just think it is so funny that all the good inventions that could help the less fortunate
people in this world were not considered. If I would have known about their stereo type I would
have not given the time or energy! Come on Rubix Cube? HUH? Good invention to me would be the
cure to aids, cancer, being paralized etc. They want the dog fetching the ball with the tounge!


Mar 16, 2006
by Jay1031

Jay Sutton

You have to admit that it was worth the time that you spent going to this contest. No one that auditioned for this show & didn't make it shouldn't feel bad. Just hold your heads up & keep pushing your products. Post them on this site let the people see them. And get all the PR that you can it's FREE and believe me they want to do the stories on your inventions. I now have Companies looking at my Mailbox Saver Post. If not for me auditioning for this show I would not be getting the calls that I'm getting. There are pro's & con's in every thing we do in are lives work off the pro's on the show.

Mar 16, 2006
by Jay1031

Just my thoughts

I also believe that if we the Iventors happen to sell our inventions because we put them on this website. It would only be fair that we give the owner of this website a % of all sales. I'm not that person I just think they have put a lot of work into it. I'm starting to think of them as my Agent putting my invention out for everyone to see.

Mar 16, 2006
by Michelle
Michelle's picture

Looking forward to your help!

Well, as someone helping the owner of the site, I can say he would love all the support he can get...but I know he's not looking for a royalty.

Nothing would make him happier to have some of you folks discovered. The whole idea for the site was to have a central place for inventors and to work together to help each other.

So the ways you can help with the site would be to get the word out about this site and help us add the content to make this site amazing.

Of course, some support of the advertisers on our site, and maybe a donation if you get lucky to help pay for the site would be appreciated. :)

Mar 25, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Made in the USA

Anyone watch the first inventor show last year. Made IN THE USA ?
I am an inventor, and made it on the casting call episode.(barely)
I got great feedback from the judges about my invention, but did not make it . It was about trying to make good TV. I had a similar idea about a website,after being rejected by that show. InventedintheUSA.com, because most of the inventions that were picked were not going to be made in the USA.
I have enjoyed reading this blog,I am still trying to not give up, but it is difficult at times! It is nice to see that we (inventors) are not alone. Thanks...

Mar 27, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

American Inventor is in my

American Inventor is in my opinion looking for simple, single use inventions that can be made in China. Why? Because a complicated, multi use idea would be too hard to explain on a TV show. The producers are not manufacturers so for the invention to be marketed within 3 months it would need to be simple and probably made in China because a US manufacturer would need more time.

Apr 3, 2006
by needs a poopee mate (not verified)

poopee mate

Reading the magazine WIRED, there was an article on Serge Rus with his felines who use his invention which is a retrofit that makes toilets more feline friendly. WHERE DO I BUY ONE??? WHAT A GREAT INVENTION (hmm if it works.) Seriously I am interested.