Well Armed - A Mechanical Arm That Keeps Yours Steady

It's hard work holding your arm out in front of you, and it's even harder if you're trying to do something with it. Just ask any tattoo artist, surgeon or yoga practitioner.

So if you value quality workmanship, and you can attach something to your arm that provides you with greater control, and minimizes the risk of fatigue, you'll probably do it. Unless you're a yoga practitioner.

That's where the latest innovation from gravity-defying ergonomics company Equipois comes in. The company's zeroG technology won them last year's International Stevie Award for the Most Innovative Company in North America. Until now, they have been producing arms that are independent of the user, that render payloads of up to 36 pounds weightless. The impact this technology has had on productivity and workplace injuries has been tremendous, so now the company has developed the x•Ar - an exoskeletal arm support that gives you even more control than you would have using your arm independently, while allowing you to work free from fatigue.

If you're having trouble picturing how it works, here is the company's zeroG technology in action: