"Well, at least he drives a Prius"

A recent ad campaign from Toyota brought about a trifecta of highly humorous ads. Each portrays a different scenario in which something "unusual" is happening accompanied by the caption "Well, at least he drives a Prius."

Nothing really needs to be said for this one. Obviously he is polluting the water by disposing of some "unnecessary baggage." Perhaps they accidentally scratched his car?

So the lawn boy decides he wants to move up in the world, big deal right? I'm sure daddy would be pleased. Seriously though, if you think about it he's smart, by protecting the environment he's protecting the future of his business

In this one, our fine upstanding young man is chatting casually with a young woman...riiiiight. I don't think his environmentally friendly vehicle is enough to save this guys reputation, but it's a start.

What makes these even better is you just know that there is at least one person out there who uses the same line. "Well, I may not be rich, smart, or good looking but at least I drive a Hybrid." 10 points to Toyota.

Source : Ecorazzi

Mar 8, 2008
by Anonymous


So this ate the ones that got banned?

Mar 9, 2008
by bottleslingguy
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That's a bold ad. I'm

I think the sex ones are sort of funny, but the murder one is something else. That's a bold ad. I'm surprised Toyota would actually allow that. I'm not offended but can see how it could seriously offend and hurt people who've had loved ones murdered and such. It is sort of capitalizing on others' pain or even just invoking bad memories. You can't say the same for the other two because they are both subjective moral issues. I wouldn't have used it (the murder one) because it sort of gives the killer some credibility. I don't like it. Frown

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