Wellies That Can Charge Your Phone With Energy Generated During Music Festival Frolicks!

Many pieces of clothing designed for wear at summer music festivals have focused on generating energy to change cell phones and other small electronic devices, because when you're camping in the mud for days at a time, batteries lose their juice! The latest fashion item is practical and quite possibly the coolest example of this trend to date.

Wellies are a festival staple, especially in the UK. Whether it's a grassy area or not at the beginning of the festival, by the end, attendees will definitely be tromping around in the mud (if they're lucky enough to stay on their feet). Since access to power can be such a major issue, these boots are designed to do more than just keep feet dry. They have a special power generating sole that turns the motion, friction and heat of walking around in them into energy that can be used to charge a phone. It takes about 12 hours of wear to get a 1 hour charge, but it's a lot better than being separated from your text messages or Facebook access while sitting in the mud. And of course, you've got to stick your feet in a pair of wellies anyways, just for the sake of survival!

Via: Springwise