Western Digital Announces Third-Gen S25 Hard Disks: 900GB at 10,000RPM!

Western Digital, a fairly new entrant in the high-end hard drive market, has bumped up the platter densities of its S25 family of 2.5”, 10,000 RPM drives and has added some new security features for good measure. Here are the new model numbers:

Yes, with the apparent use of three 300GB platters (up from 200GB in the last generation models,) WD can now offer 900GB drives to enterprises everywhere. 32MB caches, SAS (not SATA) 6Gbps interfaces, 15mm z-heights, 2 million hour MTBFs and five year warranties are common to all of the above models. WD also trumpets the new series' low power consumption, specifying 5.30w idle and 7.80w load power ratings.



Also newly implemented is full-disk encryption compliant with the Trusted Computing Group's Enterprise Class A spec, along with T10 Protection Information tech for advanced data integrity, increasing the size of the disk sectors from 512 bytes to 520 to make room for tagging. The drives will come available for public purchase sometime next quarter.

That leaves the enthusiast-class VelociRaptor drives, which are due for a refresh. The reason I say this is because the S25 was originally just a variation of the VelociRaptor, trading SATA for server-friendly SAS among other features. Hopefully WD will release a new 900GB VelociRaptor soon.

See the product page here.

UPDATE: All but the 450GB model can be found on Amazon.com and at other retailers.

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