Western Digital My Book Elite External Hard Drives With E-Labels

For those that use a bevy of external hard drives to store and back-up each and every digital file, keeping organized can be a monumental task. After a while, every drive looks the same and it can be difficult to remember which one has space left and what is stored where.

To address this problem, Western Digital offers the My Book Elite series of hard drives. These drives contain a simple but effective solution to the problem of identifying your drive: an e-label that allows you to clearly identify exactly what's on the drive and how much space is left. The label also displays security information. Stack the drives next to each other like great novels on a bookshelf, and you'll know instantly which drive you're looking for. While an e-label might sound like it only works when the drive is plugged in, WD says it's clearly visible whether the drive is plugged in or not. 

The drives come in 1 TB, 1.5 TB and 2 TB sizes. To keep your data safe, they rely upon 256-bit hardware-based encyption and a user-selected password. Other features include USB 2.0 compatibility, power-saving technologies and automatic, continuous back-up. Prices range from $170 to $280 and the drives are available now at retailers like Amazon and WD's website. Separate Mac versions are also available.  

If you're not the serious computer type that uses multiple drives, you're probably wondering if identifying an external drive is a problem at all. WD worked with consumers who use multiple drives when developing the My Book Elite and provided the e-label solution as an effective and simple way of clearly marking the external hard drive. It seems like it will work a lot smoother than a sticker. (Buy here)

PR Newswire via Coolest Gadgets


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