We've Got Your Crappy Furniture Right Here

Japan loves their poop, or "unchi" to use the native vernacular. The reason for its unusual prominence in the country's culture derives from the name: unchi (if broken down to "un" and "chi") is another way to say "1,000 years of good luck", or something to that effect. This explains the popularity of those gold-toned swirlies sold as good luck charms and mosquito-coil covers, at least one hopes it does.

In any case, a Tokyo furniture company seems to be enlisting the luck of the log as a way to sell furniture. The company's trucks are covered in cheery cartoons of corporate mascot Super Fly Unkoman, a smiling swirl of organic waste who encourages one and all to visit the Unko Furniture company website. C'mon, you know you want to.

A look at Unko Furniture's crappy bricks & mortar warehouse, or "Super Outlet" as they're calling it, proves without a doubt the place is no dump regardless of the many stylized dumps decorating the exterior walls. All smiling, one might add.

There also appears to be a roving Unchi Man superhero who roams the streets of Tokyo spreading word of this, er, unique new furniture store. Let's hope that's all he's spreading. Decked out in a shimmering spandex suit with a giant golden helmet perched upon his head, this HAS to be THE worst summer job EVER.

So, still willing to give Unko Furniture a chance? A quick browse through their online listings indicates their wares are relatively stylish and reasonably priced... though oddly enough, there don't appear to be any items for the bathroom. (via Gigazine)