When It Comes To Protecting Your Phone, What Could Be Better Than Carbonite?

While Carbonite gained some fame in the artistic community thanks to Darth Vader's masterful use of the alloy when creating a Han Solo wall hanging for Jabba the Hutt, this versatile metal has many other uses--including stylish phone cases.

So, what exactly is Carbonite?  According to Wookieepedia (The Star Wars Wiki), Carbonite is "...a metal alloy... made from carbon. It was mixed with Tibanna gas, compressed, and flash-frozen into blocks for transportation."  It was found that it could be used to transport living matter in a sort of stasis--as what was done to Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back.


So picture that technology, combined with a shrink ray, and you get this:

Pretty sweet, eh?  Well, except for poor Han...

This case is designed to protect your phone, your iPhone 5S to be precise.  And, while it looks like Carbonite, looks can be deceiving.  It is actually made of sculpted soft rubber; yes, that is a tiny, three-dimensional Han Solo staring forlornly out at you, pleading for you to free him from his captive hell.  Unfortunately, you can't.  Poor little guy.  And even if you could, he would be very small... and probably horribly confused because of this.

So... if you can deal with the guilt of carrying around the most well-loved scoundrel of the Rebellion during the worst experience of his lifetime in your pocket, here is your chance!

You can find this awesome item at Amazon and at Think Geek!

Clip from The Empire Strikes Back uploaded by bbcworldnews on September 20, 2013.

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