What A Gift! Towel Cakes Are Sooo Tempting!


More tempting than a funnel cake... More luscious than a tunnel cake... the Towel Cake has arrived! And what a great gift it makes for Father's Day, wedding showers, baby showers, birthdays....just about any occasion for a sweets-lover! The Towel Cake, by Le Patissier, will make your recipients drool!

Luckily, they will have a towel ready to blot their chins. Towel Cakes, alas, are not cakes, but towels in cake packaging, another ingenious package design from Japan. The cake, or float, or mousse, or soda you see is the image is created by the packaging of one or two towels and a couple of magnets. In fact, Le Petissier Towel Cakes just may be a gift your recipient will never want to open!

Available in cakes, parfaits, sundaes, muffins, mousses, and roll cakes... Who knows what will be next? Prices range from a modest $4.50 for a cupcake (one wash towel and a strawberry magnet) to $28.95 for a large chocolate cake (one bath towel and five strawberry magnets).

Once the Towel Cake is opened, your gift recipient will not be disappointed. The towels are hand made, 100 percent cotton, soft, kind pleasure cloths... perfect for use!

Available in the U.S. from J Flair Homestyles.

via Japan Trend Shop

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