What Are You Reading? - Creative Book Covers

Have you ever wondered what book the person next to is reading on the subway?

Wondering that very same thing is how the company FlapArt started. FlapArt creates hilarious book covers, with mock and hilarious titles, that fit around almost any book. These book covers are sure to be great conversation starters and also get you some interesting looks and hysterical laughs from onlookers.

Some of the book cover titles include:

From the Do It Yourself Collection, you have "Do It Yourself Vasectomy," "Do It Yourself Dentistry" and "Do It Yourself Liposuction."

The backcover of "Do It Yourself Liposuction" reads: Attaches to any vacuum cleaner, order form enclosed, BONUS Section -Tips on starting your own liposuction clinic, no medical degree required.

Another popular cover is titled "Fast Track to Prison - Exploring the Many Benefits of Life Behind Bars." The back cover reads: Free room and board, never be lonely again, get your education paid for.

Or why not cover your favorite hardcover novel with "How to Make Your Grandmother a Porn Star." The back cover reads: 10 ways to profit off your grandmother, teach your grandmother how to love herself and her body.

Or how about the "Nutritional Benefits of Nose Picking?" The back cover reads: Strengthens finger muscles, an alternative food source.

For more creative book cover titles, like "How to Murder Your Professor and Get Away With It" and "How to Steal From Your Employer and Get Away With It", you can find them at FlapArt.com.

Can you think of any other creative titles that would be good for the company?