Interactive Lighting: 'Disturb Me' by the Popcorn Makers

There's not a whole lot of information to be found about the Popcorn Makers, the masterminds behind the interactive light display called 'Disturb Me'.  

What we do know is that 'Disturb Me' is meant to connect people with their environment through the medium of sound.  Colored orbs projections are generated in reaction to different sounds emitted by the room's inhabitants, and then change color, pool and drop down according to the furniture and physical surfaces in the room.  

Unfortunately, not much is known about how that set up is determined, and just how these mood-sensing projections know exactly where to go.  But the images from the White Hotel in Brussels where the installation was housed are pretty cool, and offer a warm and ambient picture of what the next level of interactive, atmospheric lighting might be.  

According to a comment on their Vimeo page, where you can find this neat video of the installation in full effect, the artists had this to say:

"We wanted the opposite of "do not disturb" because it isn't a definitive installation, only one day for the 'Plastic' event at the White Hotel. We also made it with motion detection. If this installation was permanent, we would have made a piezo sensor detection into the bed, to make love all night long." 

Well, all right then.  

The Popcorn Makers via Trendhunter