What Can You Learn From Wacky Products?

Beer Hat

Hi All!

I have been invited by Think Outside the Circle to become a fellow blogger on InventorSpot.com. So let me introduce myself. I am your new “hope to be your favorite” blogger Amused and Bemused. I will be dropping in here whenever the whim hits me to share my latest amusing, bemusing and wonderful discoveries with you.

With my joining the site, we are going to start building a Wacky Products section to our site later this week. If you have any recommendations, please post them in the comments here.

I just can’t believe some of the stuff that people come up with.

I am even more amazed by the stuff that people actually buy. But it’s important to study them if you are out there trying to figure out if your idea can make you money. I think you’ll learn that people love the weirdest things…perhaps the next weird thing they love will be your invention.

Well, Gizmodo features a wacky hat today. They found it at Jlist.com (warning: X-Rated site). I found the hat at another blog (but now can't find my notes).

What was really disturbing was that I had decided last night that I was going to feature the scat hat as my first posting this morning. Then, I saw it on Gizomodo. How did they find out about my idea?!

Instead of feeling furious that they took my idea and scrambling for a new idea for my posting today, I decided to do them one better….so more hats. Hah!

Here are some of the hats that some creative inventor came up with and people are buying.

The valuable lesson for inventors in these hats are:

We’re clearly a nation willing to wear our favorite foods and drinks on our heads.


We are a nation that is not afraid of failure and doesn't mind laying an egg.


We’re are a nation willing to wear and be weighed down by our ideas and ideals.


Well, what do you think about these hats? Would you have thought them a boom or bust?

You can see these hats and more at HatintheBelfry.com.

Amused and Bemused

Mar 27, 2006
by YumYum (not verified)


These hats are hilarious!! Being the lover of food that I am, I love the food hats. I am surprised you don't have a pizza one up there.

Welcome to the site.

Mar 27, 2006
by Aries


I would love to know how many people actually bought the shit head hat (excuse the language but what else would you call the first hat?).

I love this section. Looking forward to see what else you come up with. Always fun to see this type of stuff.