What Does The World's Smartest Thermometer Look Like?

Have you ever tried to fake a temperature to get out of school? Now it probably won't work. Kinsa have a developed what they call the World's Smartest Thermometer, which really just mean's it's hooked up to your iPhone.

Kinsa Smart ThermometerKinsa Smart Thermometer

It's actually a really beautiful app, built to help stop kids fidgeting, as well as aggregate additional information alongside temperature readings. Even though I personally like the idea of using a wristband to measure temperature, oral or rectal measurements are much more accurate, and with this app, parents have a nice chart to show doctors their temperature readings over time.

To set it up, the free app walks you through how to attach the thermometer to your smartphone using the accompanying adapter, with wonderful videos and instructions. I really am blown away by their level of detail when it comes to the application. 

They just received FDA approval, as the first ever FDA approved smartphone-connected oral thermometer, and are planning to expand the simple device to provide "health weather" - a real time understanding of what illnesses are spreading where and when, like outbreaks of the flu in schools for example.

If users feel comfortable contributing their thermometer readings to the public, then it will be yet another data source to add to the growing list of "health weather" data being captured, from apps like asthma app, Propeller, for example. 

It really is great value at $19.99, especially when other, dumber, thermometers are the same price.

Order yours now from their website, here

It may be smart, but it still can't help you get out of school. Sorry kids.

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