What Have You Been Up To? - Find Out With Daytum

Did anyone ever ask you what you've been doing with your life? Now you can show them.

Daytum is a website that allows you to chart absolutely anything about your life - to the most minute detail. You can chart what you buy, how your exercise regime is going, who you meet, where you meet them, even what you do when you meet them. It's quite incredible just how far into the minutiae of your life you can go, which begs the question, is Daytum an abbreviation of 'Daily tedium'?

Nicholas Felton's New York EncountersNicholas Felton's New York EncountersDaytum is the brainchild of Nicholas Felton and programmer Ryan Case. Felton has been producing 'Annual Reports' of his own life since 2005, which should serve as an inspiration for anyone interested in using this software. The image to the left, for instance, depicts all the encounters he had in New York City in 2009.

One stat that would most definitely be worth watching would be 'Amount of time using Daytum,' because there's a good chance that if this appeals to you, you could become absorbed in it, tracking everything from what you did at work to what you found in your fridge to how long you brushed your teeth. You could notice that - over time - every activity makes way for 'Using Daytum,' until, one day, emergency services find your emaciated body curled up in the corner of your apartment beside your laptop that has 73 Daytum tabs open, each indicating that Daytum has taken complete control of your life.

And yes, now there is an iPhone app for it, if you ever do manage to get out.

Here's one way you could use it: