What Makes The ULTIMATE Pooper Scooper? YardPup & Paw™

One of the products that debuted at the Global Pet Expo 2011, held last week in Orlando, Florida was the YardPup & Paw, advertised as 'the ultimate poop scoop.'  I can't speak to whether it is the ultimate one or not, but I'll tell you what makes it different from the ones you've seen before.

YardPup & Paw™: ©She-Edison, LLCYardPup & Paw™: ©She-Edison, LLC


Like several other pooper scoopers of the standing variety, the YardPup & Paw uses two tools, one to shovel or sweep the waste and the other a receptacle to hold the waste. The YardPup has two innovative designs, one in each of the tools. 

First the shovel is multi-tonged, resembling a dog's paw (cute!), so it can scoop the poop up from several surfaces - not just grass, but rocky or cement surfaces. 

Second, the triangular rim of the receptacle is designed as such so that a common plastic grocery bag can fit around it and be held in place by a fitted elastic cord, as seen below.


Process of making the receptacle for the YardPup & Paw™: ©She-Edison, LLCProcess of making the receptacle for the YardPup & Paw™: ©She-Edison, LLC


In the image below, we are spared the sight of dog doo, by the designer's substitution of Tootsie Rolls, but I think we can all imagine what the stuff looks like.


YardPup & Paw™ cleans up the dog poop and the Tootsie Rolls: ©She-Edison, LLCYardPup & Paw™ cleans up the dog poop and the Tootsie Rolls: ©She-Edison, LLC


Here's the YardPup in action, but I warn you, you're going to see more Tootsie Rolls...


  I'm a dyed-in-the-wool user of recyclable bags for poop picking up, so I can't tell you if the YardPup & Paw is "the ultimate poop scoop" or not.  You be the judge.

via Sheedison.
 That's all the poop that's fit to print for today!

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