What Is Next For Xbox? Find Out May 21st!

While we don’t have too much to tell you about the future of Microsoft’s hit entertainment brand just yet, the third in the series of Xbox gaming machines will be revealed on May 21st.

Kinect is Microsoft's full-body controller.Kinect is Microsoft's full-body controller.

There are countless rumors about the upcoming Xbox, including claims that the device will require a constant internet connection to play games and Skype integration, but here’s what is most likely to happen:

The Kinect was a huge success since it was released in 2010, and chances are good that Microsoft will greatly improve on the motion sensing technology and integrate an updated version of the device’s motion and voice controls into many more integral features of the Xbox platform.

Rare, one of Microsoft Game Studios’ premier game development studios, has been silent for a long time, and chances are good that at least one new Rare title will release alongside the new Xbox.

Rare created the best-selling Kinect Sports series.Rare created the best-selling Kinect Sports series.

The newest Xbox’s controller will probably be similar to the Xbox 360’s controller.

Whatever the machine is called, the cutting-edge Xbox should be released at some time this year.

The Xbox 360 launched in 36 countries within a single year.The Xbox 360 launched in 36 countries within a single year.

The original Xbox released on November 15th, 2001 and its successor, the Xbox 360 made its debut on November 22nd, 2005. Stay tuned to InventorSpot for upcoming coverage of what Microsoft will uncover plenty of details about the new Xbox and all of the entertainment innovations that it will bring to living rooms around the world on May 21st!

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