What a PSP Phone may look like

Some interesting images are emerging from a Chinese website M8cool.com. Apparently patience is not one of the virtues of the shanzhai (loosely meaning, imitation) industry, as they love to kick out early prototypes and images of not-yet-released gadgets. The latest one of these is the PSP Phone. This was long rumored to be a project in the works at Sony Ericsson, but of course it has never come to fruition, a possibly never will.

But thanks to some very creative Chinese dude (maybe somewhat creative is a better description), we now have an idea of what such a phone would look like. Check out the pictures below showing what initially looks like a PSP, but upon closer inspection contains a few interesting details. Note the call and hang up buttons, as well as the DMB logo on the back showing that it supports digital TV (if it were real). 

This PSP Phone is not real of course, but that doesn't keep us from hoping for big things with the next Sony mobile gaming console revision. I'm not sure if we'll see anything in 2010, but I have my fingers crossed!

 Note the CALL and HANG UP buttonsNote the CALL and HANG UP buttons 

Digital TV would be funDigital TV would be fun

 Source:  it168.com (Chinese)